Twitter. Gmail. Facebook. Snapchat. Dropbox. Itunes. You get the idea. So much of what we do is now online. Revised Code Section 1337.571 becomes effective this week and gives fiduciary power to access digital assets. When crafting your estate plan, consideration must be given to what happens to your digital assets. This new law helps fill in some of the blanks. 

The law allows a power of attorney to:

A) Have access to any catalogue of electronic communications sent or received by the principal;

B) Have access to to any other digital asset in which the principal has a right or interest;

C) Have the right to access any of the principal’s tangible personal property capable of receiving, storing, processing, or sending a digital asset;

D) Take any action concerning the asset to the extent of the account holder’s authority; and

E) Have access to the content of electronic communications sent or received by the principal. 

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