My estate planning process is typically a 3-step process. I meet with clients to assess their unique situation to create an individualized plan to specifically address their personal wants and needs. 


The first step is about information gathering, understanding your goals, explaining the various documents and answering your questions. I provide a client in-take form that provides details about your personal and family information.  At this stage, we also discuss the people you want to appoint to important roles such as guardians for your children, trustees, and health care agents. At the end of this meeting, I should know your objectives and have a plan in mind to reach them.


After we meet and decide on the form of your estate plan, I begin to draft the necessary documents. The plan I draft for you is focused on achieving your objectives, including providing for your children, getting your affairs in order, and stating your health care wishes. To craft your plan, I will use the information provided in the initial consultation as well as any follow up questions that may arise.  


We will then meet to thoroughly discuss each document. I will explain the documents in detail and answer any questions you have. It is crucial that the plan meets your objectives and that you fully understand the role each document plays in the estate plan. I want each client to leave the final meeting confident in their understanding of the plan. 

Once we have reviewed the documents, it is time to sign.  I will ensure we meet the legal requirements to execute each document, including the required witnesses.  I will also help with funding the plan, including properly designating beneficiaries and titling assets. 

Once finalized and signed, I will provide you with the original documents in a binder.  I will also provide an electronic copy upon request for easy access or sharing.