Real Estate & Civil Litigation

Legal issues in the real estate industry can be complex. Zoning disputes, partitions, eminent domain: there are lots of rules and regulations that must be navigated properly to win. McCarthy Law knows the ins-and outs of property and real estate law and can help you better see what’s possible with your case and work aggressively on your behalf.

Small businesses also face specific legal situations that require professional help, including non-competes and contract disputes. Having an outside voice like McCarthy Law can help mitigate tension between employers and former employees or current business partners. Contact McCarthy Law if you need legal advice for real estate, small business, or civil litigation issues.

Cincinnati’s Solution for Real Estate, Small Business, and Civil Litigation

Dan McCarthy has years of experience supporting individual property owners, small business owners, and employees at various levels of the court. McCarthy Law is ready to step in when businesses and entities need a straightforward voice who will work on their behalf with detailed knowledge of the law. 

Real Estate Legal Services

  • Eminent Domain, Right-to-Take, and Valuation
  • Zoning applications, appeals, and variances
  • Easements
  • Property tax valuation complaints
  • Partitions
  • Cell tower disputes and negotiations

Small Business & Civil Litigations

  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Contract Disputes
  • Contract Drafting


“Dan is an outstanding attorney. He has been a huge asset to our family’s planning for trusts, real estate and end of life.”

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