Welcome.  Welcome to my new website.  More importantly, welcome to my new law practice.  Starting my own law firm is something I have long envisioned.  It is now a reality.

My father started and operated his own law practice (he still does with my brother and sister-in-law: mccarthylaw.org).  My grandfather operated his own plumbing business.  Following in their entrepreneurial footsteps, I am proud to debut the McCarthy Law Office.

As you can see on this webpage, my practice is geared toward helping individuals, families, and small businesses with their legal needs.  I pride myself on responsive and effective representation.  My practice focuses on four main areas: 1) land use/zoning/eminent domain; 2) family law; 3) wills and trusts; and 4) personal injury. But I welcome calls on any legal issue.  If I cannot help you, I will put you in contact with an experienced attorney who can.

The decision to leave my past firm, where I was a partner and worked at for over ten years, was not an easy one.  I worked with great people and exceptional attorneys.  But the opportunity to follow my dreams and open my own practice compelled me to take this leap.

Thank you for visiting my website.  Please email me at mccarthy@danmccarthylaw.com or call me at 513-815-7006 with any questions.  I very much appreciate your consideration.  

Thank you and Happy New Year.